Wedding Planning – Bridal Party Invitations

Omg yes we finally managed to send out our bridal party invitations!!

Here’s what they look like for the girls:

And for the boys: 

We decided to put in more effort to ask our bridesmaids & groomsmen to be part of our wedding as we thought it’d make it more special and personal. A few months back, I tried to design the cards myself to save money, however my art/design skills seriously failed me, so we took the more expensive path and ordered our cards on Etsy! 

My beautiful cards are from Sweet Pea Sunday. I loved that they were rustic and pretty, just my style, and also that I could personalise each card with my bridesmaid’s name! The reason our cards were sent out so late, instead of end 2015 like we had planned, were because the first set of cards sent from them got lost in the mail!!! (stupid Royal Mail) Thankfully, the seller was nice enough to create a new set to send me ASAP when we realised what had happened. Despite the delay, I’m really pleased with how the cards turned out. 

B’s cards were from Karma Paper Co Weddings. The moment he saw the cards, he fell in love with it. Especially how sleek it looked with the gold foil printed words in front. The store actually doesn’t ship out of the U.S., but he refused to settle for anything else & managed to talk to them and they made an exception for him (: The cards were of super good quality (even better than the girls’ cards I must say), very impressed.


I attempted to do brush pen calligraphy for all their names on the envelopes, as well as addresses for 2 of my bridesmaids who are currently studying overseas now. I thought they turned out pretty well, considering that my teachers ALWAYS complained about my handwriting back in school. I kinda freaked out when I realised I spelled one of their names wrongly though, haha sorry Iliana!! 


For the inside of the cards, we decided to add in details of our wedding(s), as well as the other bridesmaids/groomsmen included in the bridal party. We also chose to add a photo of ourselves with our bridesmaid/groomsman for a special touch.

Once we were done packaging all the cards (and taking photos of them to document our hard work), we spent a weekend driving to all their houses to hand deliver them! We wanted to be able to see their expressions when we surprised them with it, and it felt super nice when they got so excited and accepted them. My bridesmaids in Singapore also got a pretty pink flower hehe cos all girls love receiving flowers am I right! 

So glad we took the time out of our busy work/wedding planning schedule to do these & that they turned out so well! And excited to have this group of 16 brothers & sisters join us through this wedding journey! 




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