Wedding Planning – Theme & Invitations


Back to share more about my wedding planning journey! The theme of your wedding affects most of the decisions you make throughout wedding planning, so it is important to have an idea of the theme you want right from the start. There are so many different types of themes out there you could go with, so do brainstorm with your other half on this, it’s one of the things your man should definitely have a say in as it sets the tone of your big day.

For B and I, as we were going to have 2 weddings – a ceremony in Church in Singapore, and a celebration in Bali, we chose to have one main theme which was further broken down to suit the 2 weddings. Our overarching theme was Organic/Rustic, as we both really like nature and wanted something more relaxed. This theme would include lots of wild greenery and flowers and wooden accents throughout.

We wanted the Church wedding to be a little more formal, so it was a rustic elegant style with blush and sage being the primary colours. We even chose Church of St. Ignatius as it has very earthy colours that would suit our theme.


As for Bali, as it was going to be a fun celebration, we opted for a rustic bohemian style with brighter citrus-y colours.


Your invitations are your guests first introduction to your wedding theme so it is imperative that your invitations really embody your theme to a T. When it came to doing up our invitations, I knew I wanted a design in watercolour and nice typography. It was pretty much a no brainer choosing Pearlyn & Paper to be our invitation designer, as that is exactly what she excels in! I had actually started following her on instagram when she was planning her own wedding years back and before she even started her wedding stationery business. Soon after I got engaged, she held a contest to celebrate 5k followers, and though I did not win, she gave all participants a 10% discount for her services! So awesome!

If you see on her website, she has a “Don’t Kan Cheong” Wedding Invitation Timeline, which was a lifesaver in helping me plan out when to do my invites, print etc. She suggests starting the consultation process 6-9 months before the big day. Being kiasu, I reached out to her 9 months before, and it was really lucky that I did as she was already heavily pregnant and managed to squeeze me in before she popped and took a hiatus.

The process entailed lots of back and forth between us through email as she is currently based in Barcelona. It wasn’t easy communicating without meeting face to face and it definitely did not help that I was being such a Bridezilla, demanding for particular leaves (eucalyptus – my absolute fav!), flowers (peonies, ranunculus etc.), shades and fonts to be included in the designs. In the package price, we were allowed 4 revisions, and we utilised all 4, and thankfully were very pleased with the end results.


Singapore Church Wedding


Bali Wedding Celebration

As you can see, the invitations utilised the same font. Pearlyn and I decided to split the cost of a font that I liked. It was a great idea as I could then use the font in other different aspects of our wedding like the slides, videos and decor, to tie everything in together.

Btw, Pearlyn works with a printer in Singapore, so you will get all hardcopies mailed right up to your doorstep, very convenient. After you get the hardcopies and envelopes, it’s time to address the invites! I actually went for a calligraphy class way back cos I knew I wanted to address my invitations nicely. BUT I learnt that my calligraphy sucks and it is super hard work. I did over 200 envelopes myself and it took me weeks!! It was nice that most of my friends appreciated my efforts, but in the end many still questioned why I was so old fashioned and asked for an e-invite instead. Thus my suggestion is to print some (like <50) hardcopies for your close relatives/friends and get them addressed by a professional calligrapher (so they look nice in photos hehe), and for the rest of the guests, just send them a soft copy. I know it doesn’t feel as personal, but come on it’s the 21st century, most people actually do not mind. Also, you get to save on printing costs & save paper (the earth). Here’s some photos of my hard work with my addressing kit!



After completing the addressing, we tried to give out as many invites as we could in person, but due to the lack of time and being so busy, we had to mail the rest. Thus, we had to take a trip to the post office during a lunch break to mail them. They gave us such ugly stamps, I was so sad 😦


T’was super hard work indeed. Boy, do I not miss those busy times haha. Hope this post is useful for all you brides/grooms out there that happen to chance upon my page, till next time!




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