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Our Proposal Story – 21st June 2015

The first question people asked me when they found out the news of our engagement was – HOW DID HE PROPOSE??? So now that we’ve gotten the pro photos (taken by Joshua Sim of The Beautiful Moment Photography), I thought I’d share my side of the story.

A lot of people asked if the proposal was a surprise – well the answer is that we both feel a proposal isn’t something that should 100% be a surprise. We have talked about getting married for a long time and made sure we were ready to settle down AND that it was with the other. We also discussed stuff like a timeline for our relationship, e.g. when we would ideally like to get married & how long it takes to plan a wedding. With that, I left Baldwin to set his own timeline as to the proposal, so I kinda knew it was in the works, but of course not when the exact day would be or how it would go down.

Prior to the big day, B dropped many hints which I tried really hard not to connect as I really wanted to be surprised. He was simply too excited & said he didn’t like to keep secrets from me (which I guess is a good thing in the long run haha)

On THE day (which was actually Fathers’ Day), he said we were going to meet some friends for dinner. I thought this was a little fishy as B is very close to his dad so I couldn’t understand why he didn’t want to have dinner with his dad that day. He also kept evading the question about where we were going to that day, which made it really hard for me to decide on what to wear haha. In the end I just trusted in his plans & thought to myself that it would be nice if it happened that day, but also not to get my hopes up and enjoy the evening!

On the way there in the car, I started to realise where we were headed! Looked like we were going to Rochester Park, which was actually where we both met in Dec 2012 (I’ll save this story for another day!). We walked into Nosh & his friends were all there already having a drink, so we grabbed some wine too. Suddenly someone suggested taking a polaroid, so we all crowded to the swing there & somehow B & I ended up in the middle! A stranger (who was actually the Photographer Josh) helped us take a couple of photos, then we waited for the images to form. Marc started to pass me the photos & I thought to myself “hmm looks not bad”, but it was only after more prompting that I realised that in one of the pictures, the boys had actually taken off their shirts, and had on t-shirts with the words DARYL WILL YOU MARRY ME?


At that point, I realised that it was really happening & I started freaking out (on the inside haha, though I did let out a little squeal)! B held both my hands & knelt down & said a really sweet speech, but unfortunately in all my freaking out, the only thing I remember him saying is “I suddenly forgot what to say” HAHA.


And by the time he said the words “Daryl, will you marry me?”, my eyes were already welling up in tears.


Without any hesitation, I said the most important YES in my life, and gave him a hug! He then slipped on my pretty ring HEHE. Look at how pleased I am!


I then burst into full blown tears and sobs of happiness hahaha.



When I had finally regained my composure, I turned around to see yet another surprise – my family & close friends were here too to celebrate!!! I truly had no idea that they were behind me watching the whole time. It was so nice of B to include them in our special day.




We were then whisked away by Josh for some engagement photos! B was sweating profusely by then & had to borrow Marc’s shirt haha (if you’re wondering why he suddenly had a change of attire). Oh btw, the outfit that he wore to propose was actually what he wore when he first met me!!! How extremely sweet of him to remember! I will upload the engagement photos in a separate post (:

We then settled down to have a lovely dinner in the Al Fresco area, it was so nice to celebrate the first few hours of being engaged with the people closest to us.



After dinner, B pulled out yet another surprise – a room key to Mandarin Orchard to continue the celebration of this special day!! Turns out Ian had booked it for us & even got us a bottle of bubbly + a very sweet card, which was super nice of him. I had to take urgent leave from work the next day though, felt a little bad but oh well this is a once in a lifetime event!


After taking many pictures together, we were hungry & decided to pop by Macs to get some nuggets. We then headed back to the room to snack, drinking half the Prosecco & watching part of The Hunger Games before falling asleep. True to our usual Piggy selves. The next morning, B headed off to gym (as usual) & I went to the pool for a tan. We then came back to finish the Prosecco & checked out. Headed to Wild Honey for Brunch with the giant balloons which earned us lots of stares & congratulations haha.



After yummy brunch, we decided to make use of our off day & caught a random movie (Spy I think, Melissa McCarthy is hilarious! loved her since Gilmore Girls)

I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal planned by my now fiancé. Even though it wasn’t the most elaborate like the ones which I used to dream or read about, it was truly perfect for me. Intimate, yet surrounded by our loved ones. It was definitely one of the happiest days of my life. Thank you so much B for everything, I’m so lucky to have you as my partner for the rest of my life ❤