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Wedding Planning – Gown Hunting

Yay so happy to say I’ve finally settled on the dresses for my big day(s)! While gown hunting was extremely fun & exciting, it was also massive tiring & I’m kinda relieved that it’s over. I went to 7 boutiques over 3 Saturdays! Crazy huh. I’m pretty sure I’ll miss it after I get married though. 

Luna Pom Pom


The first boutique I visited was Luna Pom Pom. It’s an indie boutique selling dresses from Jenny Yoo & the affordable lines of Watters, Willowby & Wtoo. I heard of them from social media, and our photographer also recommended it. 

This is the first ever wedding dress I tried! I’ve always imagined myself in a strapless tulle ballgown, firstly cos I LOVE tulle & also cos I thought a ballgown would be the most flattering on me since I’m pear shaped. B also picked it out & said it’s the most “me” dress. We were both so excited for me to try it on, & I think he teared when he saw me in a white gown for the first time. The feeling was so surreal, cos I finally felt like a bride! 

My experience with Luna Pom Pom was awesome, probably the best one I had. The boutique is so beautiful with loft vibes, 2 full length mirrors for you to see the dress from different angles, and comfy sofas for your entourage to sit on and admire you as you step out of the curtains onto the pedestal. It really made me feel like a Princess! The owner, Shenny, is such a sweet lady, and was super nice & helpful & made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process. 

She patiently let me try on so many dresses of different styles & cuts so that I could have a better idea of what cuts would suit me. 

Though I didn’t find “the one” here, I would definitely recommend brides-to-be this boutique!! The dresses are very affordable ($1+k to $2+k), and the service is excellent. I enjoyed my time here so much (:

Blessed Brides


My next stop that day was Blessed Brides. From the start I never wanted those typical bridal packages, and preferred to get my dresses ala carte. What attracted me to them is that they offer both rental & sale of Spanish labels Pronovias & Rosa Clara’s more affordable lines. 

The boutique, located in a shophouse was quite pretty as well, though more traditional looking than Luna Pom Pom. What I really liked was that the consultant/designer attached to me really knew what she was doing. She looked at me for awhile, and knew I was pear shaped before I could even tell her. She then went to pick out dresses that would suit my body type. 

This dress has such a gorgeous train omg, it wasn’t my style but I couldn’t get the image of this train out of my head haha. The other dresses she picked out for me were pretty spot on though. 

This dress almost became the one! It made me realise that I could actually pull off a mermaid cut, which I was pleasantly surprised by.

Overall, my experience here was pleasant & I feel worth visiting. I just didn’t really like that there were more than one appointments going on at the same time, so it didn’t feel very private. The consultant/designer was also a tad pushy. However, she did know what she was doing. Prices are quite affordable, ranging about $1.5k to $1.8k for AD rental including alterations. 

Fairy Godmother’s Bridal

This place is rather special & I found out about it quite randomly through a forum. It’s actually a home boutique in Bedok! These 2 sisters buy dresses from the U.S. & they actually carry some branded designers like Vera Wang at a really good price. About $500 for AD rental! Such a steal.

This is a similar dress to the one worn by Kate Hudson in Bride Wars!! Super iconic, I just had to try it on. 

I really liked this one by Mori Lee as well, it’s so flattering & made me look so curvy (in a good way).

The sisters were really nice & welcoming. I would suggest this place if you’re looking for designer dresses for cheap! Super impressed with their business model as this is just a side job for them.

Silhouette The Atelier

This boutique is located in a gorgeous 2 storey shophouse. I saw many positive reviews online so I decided to visit. They only carry their own in-house line, so they didn’t allow any pictures which is understandable. 

From the rack that I saw, they seem to specialise a lot in tulle & ballgown dresses. So I liked many of the dresses that I saw! I was only allowed to pick 3 dresses to try though. The consultant/designer thought I would look best in a mermaid dress so she went to hunt one down for me. It was stunning! Like the moment I walked out, my mum & sister were swooning over how pretty it looked. And B was just speechless. It had an illusion neckline & low back, gorgeous beading on the bodice, and a huge tulle train which I loved! Such a daring design similar to a designer I really love but can’t afford – Galia Lahav. So sad I don’t have a picture of it. 

Ultimately I didn’t choose that dress as I felt that it was much too grand for my Church Wedding venue, which is more cosy & doesn’t have a very long or wide aisle. It was also rather expensive for a Singaporean designer, about $3+k for rental! However, if you would like a more unique dress, and have the budget, you can consider them. Was quite impressed with their designs. They will also keep the dress for you the moment you book it so no one else will wear the gown before your wedding day. This is unlike the 2 boutiques I mentioned above.

The Gown Warehouse

This boutique is literally located in a warehouse in Woodlands!! Similar to Silhouette, they also do their own in-house designs, so no pictures of their gowns. Managed to snap a picture of one of their changing rooms though. Quite nice, with a sofa in front! Good for tired hubby-to-bes who get dragged along for so many fittings haha.

Though this boutique has many rave reviews online, I was actually quite disappointed with my visit here. 

Firstly, I didn’t really like many of the dresses here. And after trying a few dresses, I realise the dresses here were made really small. I ended up feeling very insecure that morning for not being able to fit into many dresses. I know I’m not the usual petite Singaporean girl, but I wouldn’t consider myself fat either. So I wouldn’t recommend bigger boned ladies like myself to come here. Most of the dresses here were also lace-ups which I personally don’t like. I much prefer dresses with concealed zips.

Secondly, the attention we got from the staff here was dismal. At all the boutiques that I went to, there would always be one staff attached to me. Over here, not only did the staff keep changing, they sometimes disappeared completely. I was frequently in the changing room calling out for help & no one but B would be outside. Even after I was done trying all the dresses, we had to wait a really long time before anyone gave us the quotations for the dress and we could leave. 

The only plus point for this boutique would be that the dresses are on the cheaper side, about $1k to rent & $1.5k to buy. 

Truly Enamoured

This boutique is another more special boutique that I visited. They carry designer label gowns like Paolo Sebastian (one of my favs!), Monique Lhuillier, Reem Acra & Inbal Dror. Basically every brides’s dream to have so many different designer labels in one place! They even offer rentals of these gowns, which isn’t very common as designer gowns usually have to be bought. So what they do is bring in a few gowns every few weeks, and once a dress is booked they will keep it for that bride. Hence, their dresses are always changing and it’ll be your luck as to which dresses are around during your visit. 

The experience there was really luxurious. The consultant, Michelle, wears gloves when handling the dresses & would help me into every single dress to ensure they remain in top condition. Sadly, no photos were allowed though. It was so amazing being able to try on all these designer gowns. The quality of these gowns are so different than the standard wedding gowns I had tried. The tulle used was unbelievably soft & light, like a cloud. It was no wonder the prices of these gowns matched the quality haha. Even at rental prices, they were out of my budget (about $4-5k to rent, and more than double to buy!), I almost fainted! 

It was really hard to get the feeling of wearing those beautiful dresses out of my head. So to brides out there, do try to only try dresses within your budget, if not you will be very tempted to just burst it like I was! 

Tiara Bridal

This boutique, located in Delfi (where there are many other bridal boutiques) has a really small but cosy space. Similar to Truly Enamoured, they also offer rental of designer gowns like Vera Wang & Monique Lhuillier, but at a cheaper price point. As it was my last appointment booked, I was getting quite worried as I had not found “the one” yet. If after 7 appointments, I couldn’t find the dress, it would mean I’m too picky & either have to choose a dress I didn’t love, or continue with the gown hunting which I was already so tired of. As I had already gone through so many appointments, I knew which cuttings would suit me best, so I told the owner, Ling, so she could quickly pick out the dresses for me.

Lo & behold, I FOUND THE ONE!! Not the one pictured above though, I shall save that for the actual day. I was overjoyed to find a dress that was so “me”, on my last appointment no less! However, I decided to take a few days to mull over it to ensure I was making the right choice. A week later, I was back here trying the gown again, & I loved it even more than when I first tried it on. That’s when I knew it was truly the one! I made the deposit that day, and even though it exceeded my budget, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to wear a designer gown so it’s worth it to me. 

Would definitely recommend this boutique since I found my dress here (: Their service is pretty good too, they even serve you tea before you begin!

Grace Loves Lace

For my Bali dress, since it’s going to be a much more casual event than my Church wedding, I wanted something more free spirited & fun! GLL is perfect. They’re an Australian online bridal boutique carrying many unique dress of that style. Being online, the prices are much more affordable. Also, since the AUD isn’t doing very well now, it is much cheaper & more worth it for me too hehe. Of course, ordering a dress online is a little worrying, but the sales consultants/stylists will make you feel a lot better. They’ll get all your measurements to ensure you’re ordering the right size & the dress will also be made to your height! Really crossing my fingers that the dress will turn out to be how I envisioned it!

Hope this post will be useful to any brides gown hunting~